Because This may appear severe abdominal pain.

When developed picture ketoatsidoticheskaya coma child's mind is completely absent.

Because dehydration increases dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, reduced tone of the eyeballs, as well as muscle tone.

Almost completely disappear tendon reflexes, breathing becomes audible in the distance.

Plummets blood pressure, pulse rate, decreases its content.

In the blood glucose level increases (typically within the range 22-55 mmol / l), increasing the content of the ketone bodies, reduced blood pH, urinary ketone bodies found and a high glucose content.

Treatment ketoatsidoticheskaya coma: with p h o n a i r o with n and m and l and r a t e r i e n b to a; n e o b o x e and M o to p h o n o f a d e a n e s s about to k and h d o s and n with at Silin, a o t o p s e in a d i o n t a t y p e n and n o and n e a l s n o; p r o in o d t i and n f y h and o n n y th e t r a n and w with n e l s w y m e n s w e n and i I l in e n and d and c and d of z and ; A P d to o w n o in in o d i t to o and p d and m and n, a m p a r y o f a n e and (d l i s t y l and m i ts and c d e e p h o n-s about to have d and t of th e d i t o m e n o s t u).

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Retention period

Retention period Number of milk teeth is calculated by the formula n-4, where n - the child's age in months.

Barrel distortion of the maxillary incisors with lunate notch cutting edge is a sign of congenital syphilis.

Disturbances in mineral and protein exchange may disrupt enamel while noting the color change of teeth and in their recesses appear varying shape and depth.

Retention period of deciduous teeth until permanent called mixed dentition period.

From time to loss of a baby tooth until the permanent is 3-4 months.

Starting dentition related to the age of 5-6 years, usually the molars.

Follow the sequence of teething is the same as milk.

In 11-12 years, after the change of milk teeth to permanent, second molars appear.

Third molars (wisdom teeth) erupt at age 17-25 years.

From the side of the chest can be observed changes such as chicken breast, when the sternum protrudes forward, heart hump (protrusion of the chest in the heart) or funnel chest (retraction of the sternum), which indicates the presence of certain diseases.

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"Short and long legs" "Bunny" Baby

"Short and long legs" "Bunny" Baby "Sparrow" Stand straight, feet slightly apart, hands down.

Low squat, raise your hands to the side, waving them like wings, then straighten.

"Short and long legs" "Bunny" Baby sitting on the floor with legs stretched forward, his hands NWA di.

Flexes the foot, pulling his knees to his chest - "short legs", then unbend - "long legs.

" "Beetle" Toddler lying on her back and makes motions with his hands and feet, undermining zhaya beetle, inverted on the back.

"Run, and I'll catch" Kid runs around the room, and you pretend that you catch it.

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In a dispute

In a disputeAs a child, Julia is very vulnerable and touchy. It is characterized by sudden changes in mood eniya. When Julia is not in the spirit, do not touch it, after a while she recovery Novita good mood. In a dispute Julia insists on his reluctant recognition Wai defeated if it really is wrong. It is characterized by sensitivity completely Julia can not stand the sight of blood and deeply empathetic suffering of others pits. She does not like to be alone in a dark room and a very uncomfortable feeling in turbulent atmosphere.

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If necessary, appointed

If necessary, appointed Uncontrollable vomiting can lead to coma, associated with the loss of large amounts of water and salts by the body, as well as dysfunction of various organs and systems.

In the diagnosis of the disease plays a leading role biochemical analysis of blood and ultrasound of the pancreas.

If necessary, appointed by computed tomography, which gives an opportunity to reveal extensive damage, the presence of stones, cysts in the ducts, the degree of blood supply to the cancer.

Chronic pancreatitis The clinical picture The main complaints are colicky baby dull, aching or stabbing pain in the epigastric region, prone to herpes zoster nature and distribution of the lumbar region, the left side of the chest, back, left arm and leg.

Seizures are usually repeated several times a day and are associated with a fatty, sour milk food, vegetable soups and sweets.

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